Things We Love

Things we love means things you should love too!

Auspicious Projects is the inspired headquarters of creative agency working through the magic of mixed media – image, text, tech – to bring ideas to life as an artful happening that connects to hearts in the world.

Good Life Organics is a weekly delivery service providing seasonal,locally grown, 100 percent organic produce to convenient locations such as schools, offices and community centers.

Starling Jewelry handcrafted jewelry by Christina Nordeen.  Her love of Gemstones and interest of silversmithing has led to  something stunningly beautiful and unique. (bracelet on the left is made from  Sterling Silver spoons).

The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa sits in the heart of Culver City. Perfect preview for a day of candle making. Sara + Almond Milk Pirates Chai, and Erin + Iced Red Eye = very productive candle concocting.

The Modern Zoo is retro modern living at its best. Unique Pillows, Vintage Textiles, and Limited Additions.

Samanca Jewelry has a bohemian flair, made with semi precious stones, charms from around the world, woven linens and silks, and 14 karat-gold-filled findings. Each piece is something that would be found off-the-beaten track in an authentic marketplace.

Green Peas is one of our most favorite places to grub down in Culver City! Fresh, organic, and delish with many veggie and vegan options which we heart so much.

Falconhead has the most extensive collection of handmade original boots, belts, and buckles in the world – the reason why so many boot, belt and buckle collectors shop at Falconhead, the only store of it’s kind.

Sassy Ladies Beauty Bar is a full service spa that  offers facials, brazilian & full body waxing, lash tinting, brow shaping, body scrubs and massage.

Bohemian Exchange is a non-profit ongoing artist’s salon and retail event, the heart of which is shared exploration of reciprocity, creativity, community, and living gently on earth.

Salon d5 is a full service Salon. Dedicated to providing each client with a personal experience to meet your personal needs. When you walk out the door you look as amazing as you feel.