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Agni Eco Friendly Candles Come in Recycled Vintage Glasses

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Agni Candle Company uses hemp wicks, totally natural non-toxic wax from soybeans, and 100% environmentally sound essential oils to make some truly green and adorable candles. And the candles themselves aren’t the only eco-friendly part – the containers range from vintage shot glasses to old glasses of all shapes and sizes. You can even send back your container to be refilled with your favorite aromatherapy scent when your candle has burned low.

Shop local! By Mihal Levy

Communities across the country are waving the Buy Local flag in support of their homegrown entrepreneurs. Patronizing independent businesses in your neighborhood has a host of benefits: It creates jobs and keeps money circulating in your city, it reduces the environmental impact, and it promotes stronger community ties. So join the movement and check out these one-of-a-kind local treasures you won’t find at the big-box stores.

Local massage therapists turned candle connoisseurs Erin Lichtman and Sara Schultz, founders of Agni Candle Company, create distinctive hand-poured candle creations like the Vintage Moroccan Tea Sippers ($50). These reusable green glass and silver designed sippers are filled with natural soy wax scented with peppermint, rosemary, lemon and lime essential oils.

Market Fresh

A closer look at the Westwood Village Famers’ Market

Agni Candle Company

Students can pick up a signature UCLA candle scent at the eco-conscious Agni Candle Company stand.

The “Bruin” scent – cinnamon, blood orange, clove and ginger – is one of many candle varieties, which are made from 100 percent essential oils and blended by the owners.

The other popular scents are lavender, blood orange and lemongrass, said co-owner Erin Lichtman. Lichtman said Agni Candles creates many of their scents with students in mind. Between dorm studying and parties, she said the company knows students need candles for certain environments.

Because the stand encourages sustainability, patrons can also bring their own votives to situate the candles themselves or exchange a comparable votive for a new candle.