Container Recycling & Custom Pours

 Recycle Your Containers

Send us your old candle containers or any other containers you love, and we will fill them up with scents of your choice and ship them back. Reuse old vessels, and save on the cost of new ones thus making your candle refills even cheaper! We know, we know, the cleverness is endless. You’re welcome!

Custom Pours

Getting Hitched? Having  some other kind of soiree? You want ambiance, you want flare! You want to “WOW” them!  Everything looks better in candle light-add a customized scent to the mix and you got ’em in the palm of your little hand. With a splash here and a swirl there, essential oils will gently grasp the air and bring out your frisky. They’ll coax out your good-time party vibe,  your traditional side, the possibilities are endless! Wedding Favors, Unity Candles,  Tapers, we’ve got ’em! LIGHT YOUR FIRE!!!

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