Learn more about the pure and natural ingredients that make up Agni Candles.

Hemp Wicks

Our wicks are made from a chemical free, strong natural hemp fiber that makes for a great burn.  We assemble the wicks ourselves and dip them in soy wax. Paraffin is for the birds! And not even, because the little birdies told us they don’t want toxic candles either.

Soy Wax

  • Soy wax is all natural and it burns pure and clean with no black residue.
  • Soy candles last longer because they burn cooler than paraffin.
  • Soy wax is water soluble which makes for easy hot soapy water clean up of any spills or old candle containers.
  • Scented soy candles distribute more aroma than their toxic paraffin rivals.

How’d that color get there?

No, we are not referring to the armpit stains in your favorite t-shirt. Do us all a favor and throw that thing away!  The fact of the matter is that we are so darn clever over here we are pretty sure you will be completely impressed with our coloring operation. We have created totally natural colors using all sorts of plants and some natural mineral based dyes, depending on the coloring effect we are trying to achieve.

What smells?

Our candles sure do smell delish. The best part is that we use only the best sustainable natural essentials oils to create a bountiful aroma that is not only 100% pure and non-toxic, but also has the extra bonus of aroma therapy. Brighten your mood!  Calm your spirit. Awaken and energize! Cleanse the air. Or even create a mood good for a little snuggle action [brown chicken-brown cow]…hehe

Essential Oil Benefits:
 Bergamot: Anti depressant, calming, stress reliever. In the citrus family.
 Blood Orange: Anti depressant, uplifting, stimulating, aphrodisiac. A sweet citrus.
 Cedarwood: Stabilizing, centering, strengthening.
 Cinnamon: Comforting, warming, refreshing, vitalizing.
 Citronella: Air purifier,, repels insects, stimulating.  (Excellent in cold  season)
 Clary Sage:  Anti-depressant, air purifier, promotes feelings of euphoria.
 Clementine: Revitalizing, balancing,  aids  in combating insomnia.
 Clove Bud: spicy, warming, and sweet. (excellent during cold season)
 Eucalyptus: Air purifier (excellent for cold season)
 Frankincense: Balancing, rejuvenating, healing, traditional, centering, meditative.
 Fennel: Energizing, vitalizing, and balancing.
 Geranium: Spiritual uplifter, aphrodisiac, sweet floral, repels insects.
 Grapefruit: Spiritual up-lifter, anti depressant, energizing.
 Lavender: Balancing, soothing, normalizing, calming, relaxing, healing.
 Lemongrass: Invigorating, anti-depressant, air purifier, repels insects.
 Lemon: Cleansing, refreshing and cooling. Aids in concentration.
 Lime: Crisp, refreshing, uplifting, revitalizing.
 Orange: Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, air purifier.
 Palmarosa: Stress reliever, warming, sweet, aphrodisiac.
 Patchouli:  Dually uplifting and calming, mood enhancer.
 Peppermint: Dually warming and cooling.. Refreshing, clarifying, energizing.
 Pine: Air purifier, fresh, outdoorsy scent. (Excellent for cold season)
 Rhododendron: Calming, grounding. (Excellent for cold season)
 Rosemary: Clarifying, energizing (excellent for cold season)
 Rosewood: calming, harmonizing , anti depressant, and aphrodisiac.
 Spearmint: restorative, invigoration, relieves restlessness, insomnia, head-aches.
 Sweet Birch:  Air purifier, energizing, sweet, sharp, minty fresh.
 Tangerine: Comforting, soothing, warming, and fresh.
 Ylang Ylang: Calming, soothing, emotionally stabilizing.
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