About Us

Together we are the co-conspiring Illuminaries of Agni Candle Company. We love to turn up the jams and do earth dance rituals, inviting sun and moon and mixing spoon, invoking the spirit AGNI, hindu god of fire while we masterfully blend oils and pour each candle by hand.

Sara Schultz is Agni Candle Co’s resident master potter, massage therapist extraordinaire, element magician , tree huggin’ earth deva, wick pincha and color queen. Yeah, she’s good with her hands.

Erin Lichtman is Agni Candle Co’s resident bookworm, environmental conversationalist, musical encyclopedia, olfactory expert, wick threada and master wax pourer. Yep, her mind is a plethora of mismatched intelligentsia.

Not enough juice?? Take it easy, we just met. Move on to the good stuff on this site!